Magical wisdom from the Mystical Moon

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“Mystical Moon” words of intuitive inspiration

Just a few snippets about her entries, and her mission to spread inspiration through her personal experiences and life journey:

My emotions have always been heightened by the moon phases–makes sense because I am a cardinal water sign (Cancer,) and my ruling planet is the moon. Understanding my emotions is a highly influential aspect of being a water sign. I have learned to allow my insights to be fluid without repression. I honor these feelings as a part of my personal growth on my life journey.

Tuning into my emotions has allowed me to accept and harness my intuitiveness. This has allowed me to trust myself and more importantly—respect my internal guidance. I accept my truth and honesty and journey into the unknown with an open heart– in hopes of gaining insight towards self-improvement and mindful awareness.

I gratefully accept my personal growth as a gift, and its value to others as they allow their growth to flourish as well. This empowerment gives me strength and wisdom to trust that we are all capable of overcoming anything and everything. Navigating and learning to appreciate individual accomplishments with awareness and compassion is what has fueled my motivation to continue to do the work. We are all a work in progress and the “work” provides the insight to reach our highest good. Let’s celebrate how far we have come (and overcome.) This allows true comfort recognizing we are not alone.

Gratitude & Growth

Mystical Moon