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Giving too much? Life as an empath.

Even though I am often praised for my compassionate nature—It’s taken a lifetime to believe  my empathy is a gift. Time and again I have been taken surprise by someone’s dishonest actions or their ability to use my compassion for their selfish agendas. Many times I am left wondering where I went wrong, why the person

Dating in Middle Age: Honoring Your Needs and Plucking the Weeds

Dating in middle age is rough. Your boobs and ass live in a different location and your wrinkles tell a tale of life joys and bad decisions. In my 20s and 30s, my body could handle late night excursions—maybe watching the sun rise after a sweaty night of dancing and Long-Island iced-teas. Now late-night adventures

Rocky Road: The True Villain of Break-Ups

It’s 3:30 a.m. and you’re awake again grieving the relationship that didn’t work out. You start to think your needs shouldn’t have ruled the relationship. “Maybe it was my constant whining?” You decide to go down and eat a comforting pint of Rocky Road. After you’ve scarfed your second bag of marshmallows, you decide to

How to Set Better Boundaries and Find Your Authentic Self Again.

With the holidays arriving along with disgruntled relatives and demanding siblings– now is the time to set the standard about how you would like others to treat you. Boundaries aren’t limited to saying “no.” More importantly, it’s about creating a healthy emotional space between you and others. It becomes more complicated when there’s tension and

“Get a Job.” An idiotic way to Simplify Homelessness

  “Get a job” is such an easy response to homelessness. Wow. The simplicity of judging someone when they have no fucking idea behind the Sharpie tragedy now scribbled on cardboard. I don’t give a shit who you are—most people don’t dream of searching for a warm shelter or begging for money.  There is a

Radical Moderate: Why I am an Oxymoron

I absolutely hate talking politics. My news feed is packed with Trump haters and Trump lovers.  Even though, I personally cannot stand Trump—I still think those with opposing views still have a right to voice their opinion. No matter how much my skin crawls to think about Mexican families being separated from their loved ones,

 Velma or Daphne? The Scooby Doo Archetypes

There have been numerous TV Shows that have portrayed women in very specific ways. I like to think of it as “The Scooby Doo Archetypes.”  I don’t know about you, but personally I’m a solid combo of Velma and Daphne—my Scooby Doo idols. I mean Daphne was fashionable and intelligent. She had the hot boyfriend.

Wanna heal from a break-up? Change your perspective

At 43, I feel as if I’ve put the cat to shame, because this derby girl is working on her 10thor possibly 11thlife. Each phase of my life has provided struggles. It wasn’t that I lost my mom at 25, struggled with bi-polar disorder or checked into rehab – it was after a break-up. I

Behind my Madness: My Love/Hate relationship with bi-polar disorder

I have bipolar disorder. Phew. I said it. It’s out. Not that I usually have a problem admitting it to myself—well, actually that’s a lie. It’s very hard to admit, believe and more crucial—accept. However, it’s even harder for me to write–especially on this platform. But, what the hell, I’m going to be brave, wave