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After many scratchy throats announcing derby bouts, goofy bantering between salon clients and passionate debating with my 13-year-old, I’ve decided to dust off my piles of juicy journals and discuss some really shitty (avoidable) topics. It’s difficult  to sit in your pain, examine unhealthy choices patterns and accept the process and time of healing.

Being compassionate and gentle towards myself during this process is the first step towards building confidence and courage. It’s the courage that drives me to be accountable andsteers me away from making excuses and feeling helpless– to a place of empowerment, accountability and self-reflection. There is nothing more powerful than owning your shit, honoring your feelings and forgiving yourself for making mistakes. After all, I don’t know about you—but I’m totally perfect. What? You’re not perfect?


The only perfection I allow myself to appreciate is the perfection of being vulnerable.  For the most part, I embrace my vulnerabilities; however, I have insecurities towards speaking my truth—especially in the company of mudslinging douches and judgemental asshats. Friends and clients act surprised when I tell them I have a hard time speaking up if someone is being a dick. When it comes to public speaking, creative projects, or torturing people in the gym—I am a bee at the arboretum. Fierce and effective. Anything that tests my organization skills, financial planning or feelings of self worth makes me feel like a bear modeling Speedos. Shy, awkward and uncoordinated.

It’s taken years for me to regain some of my self worth—for those who have a great deal of  trauma from their youth—maybe longer.  The only way out is through and that means setting clear boundaries with those things and people that no longer serve you. For me, that means honoring my emotions, trusting my intuition—but most of all, behaving in ways that demonstrate self-worth.

Read the words below: Which one do you struggle with the most? For me, it’s “feeling it.” I think avoiding feelings will protect myself from pain; however, the ironic thing is I actually prolong the healing by promoting this behavior. The only way out—is through.

Own It. Feel It. Heal it. Release It..png

If you can’t own it—you are afraid of looking at your part.

If you can’t feel it—you are avoiding the pain.

If you can’t heal it—you’re not trying hard enough.

If you can’t release it—you give away your power.

What are you avoiding?


Blissfully belligerent,

The Saucy Super Fox



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