Mystical Moon: Let’s get Meta-physical

“Look out, Mercury is in retrograde.” This phrase is commonly heard for a person who embraces astrological philosophies; however, there is truth to this strange phenomena. This phrase refers to a time in astrology where the “sh*t or stars hits the fan.”  In 2018, Mercury was in retrograde from March 23 thru April 15. During this time, I had many interesting realizations but wanted to delay posting until the end of this mercury cycle.

I was challenged with conveying my feels, and I wanted to give this blog post the best chance of being received with clarity. You mostly hear about the negative effects of this retrograde time. Important decisions, signing contracts or major purchases are best left alone during this time. Communication is challenging whether it’s verbal or emailing. Some positives can be decluttering. Looking at problems or issues with a new perspective, it can be easier to see through a lot of the illusions of obstacles on our paths.

One realization I had was about my own personal hang ups, we all have them, right? I am not in the athletically confident category, I wasn’t an active or athletic child or teenager, I actually started smoking at a very young age. I have only become a non smoker and formed healthier habits, being activeish for over a decade now. I can’t say that I have a consistent routine of physical activity. However I can usually keep up with most peeps.

There was a time, where my physical activity and motivation came from  suddenly jumping into a competitive team sport well into my 30s. I was determined to not let my team/league down. We were the first roller derby league in Flagstaff (my derby name is Good Luck Harm #777). Therefore we had to be the best to represent Northern Arizona to bout (compete) the already established Phoenix leagues. Luckily, I met an amazing skater who believed in me, and still is my biggest cheerleader. She fully supports me and my struggle with being fit and being athletic outside of roller derby. She is my derby wife aka Honey Guns aka The Saucy Super Fox aka Bad A$$ B*tch. This time Honey Guns is creating a specific program tailored to reach my personal fitness goals.

The difference between then and now is– I am doing this for me, rather than a team. I want to feel confident about myself: This challenge is my way of self care by adorning and embracing my body as an artistic endeavor. I feel the body is beautiful. Art is beautiful—and strong is beautiful. I’ve decided to approach this in a way that nourishes my spirit and body, which I will admit, is the artistic side of me. I want to feel confident in my own skin. I want to do more than “keep up”. I do know it’s up to me to change these dialogues that I have with myself. My body is healthy, I want it to be a positive place that I can be comfortable in.


My solution to my conundrum of changing these negative dialogues, is to push my comfort zone of physical wellness. I have decided to challenge myself to a 30 day transformation to gain more confidence in my athleticism. I am always improving myself, my hope is to change my inner story through challenging my mind and body. This is my solution for this conundrum of body positivity. I will be posting videos of my progressive circuits, that will be as challenging as they are funny. Did you know that laughing is also a great workout? Track my progress and hopefully you will feel inspired to get started with changing your story. If I can do it, you can too. Let’s get Meta-physical.

Gratitude & Growth

Mystical Moon

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