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Mystical Moon: Beauty is a Beast

We have all heard the phrase “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”– this is certainly one way to question our individual standards of what we find to be beautiful. How do we achieve our idealistic perspectives of beauty? As unique as we are, there is no wrong or right perspective. Beauty standards are fluid and dynamic—constantly changing. Regardless of pressures you may feel from society, social media, peers or any of the projected perceptions of beauty—these factors contribute to unrealistic expectations of perfection. Can you remember a time where you felt painfully inadequate because of how you looked, who you hung out with, or how they looked? I know I have been there. Feeling anxiety of “not being good enough” is challenging for anyone at any phase of life.

When I was a toddler, I had an accident that changed my tiny smile into silver-capped fangs with missing front teeth. I was the little vampire girl with pigtails. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a vampire child? At the time, I didn’t give it much thought and just assumed this was the “forever me.” I had no awareness about beauty standards until adults and kids started asking questions about my unfortunate smile. Luckily, my front teeth were the least of my worries at age 11. Middle school fuels humiliating situations! Let the awkwardness commence! I was definitely a tom-boy (not sure if that’s a politically correct term today.) As a child of the ’80s, I rocked some pretty sweet mullets. I have definitely embraced some girly-girl skills since then– thanks to female friends and their amazing make-up and hair skills.

I have always been unconventional about feeling and looking beautiful. I often wondered if I would ever feel comfortable in my own skin. Eventually, it made sense to embrace myself as one of a kind—leaving behind the mainstream idealism of beauty standards.

In my mind, shining bright from within has always been more important than wearing make-up in my experience. I think we are all like “diamonds in the rough.” Especially if you’re someone who suffers from ugly-duckling syndrome– like myself. Some days I don’t feel my best, internally or externally, but I always have to remind myself to be gentle with myself and the process. These thoughts assist me with feeling and looking my best–not the other way around. This has allowed me to learn so much about other forms of self-care. Embrace your flaws. Being imperfectly perfect…work of art–to me, this is beauty at any age.

Appearance by your own beauty standards can become ritualistic. What do you like to do for yourself to be comfortable in your own skin? After asking folks about their personal “musts” before being in public–some of their relatable responses are listed below:


“Spritz with rose water and manicure/fill in eyebrows.”

“I have to put blush on”


“Concealer, BB cream foundation”

“Eyeliner, hands down.” “Not for the public, but just for me.”

“Hair must be styled and concealer on”

“Pressed powder”

“A bra”

“Hair putty”




Special thanks to all the peeps who gave me their feedback. Ya’ll are so dang inspiring!

What are some self-care regimens and beauty rituals that you do for yourself? Feel free to share your favorite methods! I really want to know!!! Take care of yourself internally and be proud, you’re a one of a kind. Your potential is endless, you’re imperfectly perfect. Always, keep shining bright!

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