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Mystical Moon: Healthy Vanity

Creativity is essential for expression. A friend and I colloborated to create a magical photo shoot to go along with my latest blog post “Beauty is a Beast.”

This amazing photo shoot was done with much creativity and care. I am proud of the end result! Many thanks goes to the visionary talent Jessica Miller, please show some love by checking out her Instagram @aquablueness and her vintage clothing shop. Her style is rad and eclectic. Check out her vintage finds at: @aquabluescloset

I realized creative flow is like lightning, and sometimes you have to ride the lightning to continue the momentum. Once I hopped on that bolt, I started to think about what  perceptions would be created at first glance. Currently, I’m stepping out of my comfort zone to express myself in a very public arena (writing and visual outlet.) Don’t stifle your creativity because of how people will perceive you!! If you are concerned with tailoring your creativity with what you might perceive people want to hear and see—you will never be able to be authentic and truly creative. There are no perimeters when it comes to individuality and creativity.

I am simply expressing myself and this was a collaborative fun and artistic project. It was for me to feel the excitement of going with the “creative flow.” When you’re in the artistic zone, it’s a playful feeling. I am simply sharing my playful creativity with you. Give yourself permission to express yourself in anyway you want.

Do we sometimes confuse physical expression/style with vanity? Probably. More often than not, we question our true intentions for simply wanting to play in the artistic zone. Instead of judging yourself—burn your ass on that bolt a couple of times.

There is always a reluctant feeling when posting photos or selfies of myself. Perhaps it’s difficult to see photos of myself, because my criticism goes into over-drive. Everyone struggles with this on some level. Trying to change those dialogues is a good start. I am grateful for how far I have come with my own expansion of these blockages. I am resilient and courageous for being vulnerable with my writing and now with photos of myself for all to see.

There are so many resources and books to check out. I included a couple of books that had some great concepts and helpful suggestions for cultivating beauty inside. I am excited to share them with you!

Be sure to stay true to yourself; embrace your artistic flame. Trust the journey back to yourself!

Gratitude & Growth

Mystical Moon

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