Mystical Moon: Healing all the Feels

“A healer is not someone that you go to for healing. A healer is someone that triggers within you, your own ability to heal yourself.”~unknown

Self love is self healing. It’s important to allow the love or energy that we shine and offer others, to be shifted and shined inward for our own individual self healing. Periodically I have felt this imbalance, sometimes even feeling depleted. This is also a way to distract and delay from my own path. Well, then why do it? It gives me joy to help others and to give to others. For me, this is a sign that I am a healer and want to help others on their paths. I am ready to share my experiences and knowledge. Thankfully I have crossed paths with many healers on my journey. I still keep in contact with some to this day and others have since passed onto the next level of existence. Without all of their collective gifts of healing wisdom, I wouldn’t be as I am today. I consider this to be a huge factor of how I have progressed on my own path.

Do you have a challenging time asking for help? I will be the first to admit, it’s difficult for me to ask for help, even when I need it most. If I don’t allow myself to be helped or to receive assistance from others. It will deprive others of the same experience of giving freely and receiving joy. I have learned along the way that, not everyone wants to be helped. Sometimes it’s not up to us to decide if we need to help someone or not. The person in need of help has to be open to receive help on their own path.

Self love is to allow ourselves to be truly who we are with compassion and authenticity as we evolve. Some days are easier than others, the gentleness of self love means to love ourselves in all facets of our journey.

Walking the talk is challenging and most often we are own best and worse critics. Either way it’s important to start with the love for ourselves then, we are able to give to others freely and without attachment. Honor every step of the way, congratulate yourself on all levels of growth and progress. Know that set backs and discouragement are a part of the path.

Forgiveness is the most profound form of strength in my opinion. Grudges feel easier than forgiveness sometimes. Ever play a tug of war game? With opposing sides pulling as hard as possible to have a proper game. Think of the rope as the blame, hurt, regret and sadness. What happens if you let go of your side of the rope, you don’t have a game, and you won’t have to carry grudges anymore. Forgive yourself and others for anything that doesn’t serve you. I am still always working on this life lesson!! Forgiveness is always worth it, this I know.

As a part of my forgiveness, I began my self-healing journey when I was 25. Making the decision of healing past, present and future wounds, meant this would be a forever process. I am well over 13 years in at this point, at least in this lifetime. We have all heard the saying wounded “healer being healed,” this has been my mantra ever since making the choice to start the process of healing and forgiveness. This soul consciousness or light-work has no deadline or expiration. For anyone who thinks it’s a one and done process, it’s constant upkeep as you discover more layers to the lessons of “doing the work” than you ever imagined.

We can all agree that emotions are your key to empowerment and spiritual bad ass-ery! You absolutely can be strong enough to process and release feelings and old thought patterns which will allow forgiveness for yourself. These old self imposed mechanisms will slowly fall away, letting these patterns go will allow self-forgiveness. Your heart will thank you and flutter with vibrancy again.

How does one stand in the tides of emotions? How do you not drown? I can’t help the water metaphors, I am a Cancer after all. Once you have made the decision to work on all of your traumas, wounds, and scars, the next step is diving into the darkness. This is an unsettling feeling, embracing the “work” but it’s worth it! Once the decision is made there is no turning back.

On my journey I have relied upon alternative methods and modalities to assist with everyday maintenance and upkeep. These tools will help with protecting your emotional self to feel safe to continue to do the work necessary to evolve the soul.

I would like to say before diving in, if you need professional help, please reach out and get the help you need. I am not a professional and these methods are not cures for any emotional or mental ailments.

Meditation: First thing in the morning, meditating is a great way to center yourself before starting your day. If I don’t meditate….it feels like I have double vision all day. I am more prone to being scattered and forgetful. I am not as present with myself or others. At first, you can start by going for a minute, then add a minute every day. Another technique that has worked well for me is candle gazing. This is a great way to align your sight on something to get focused. Once you get comfortable with your practice, you can work up to meditating for many minutes a day, seems like a lot but time stands still in meditative states.

Gems and Minerals: These gems and minerals of the earth truly are my favorite method of gentle healing. Anyone who knows me, knows I have crystals in my car, in my pockets and all around my house. These are my friends, I often feel uplifted and protected thanks to these beauties! Typically I always have some form of crystal healing on my person in the form of jewelry. The properties and energy (we are all made of energy) that gems offers is unique in every way. Being open to these energies is the first step to recieve the benefits. Some crystals can activate various chakras and assist with blockages in your energy centers. Not everyone is convinced that these gems and minerals are even tangible tools. If you’re open to receive these highly vibrational energies. It can help with overall maintenance and balance in this mentally and emotionally exhausting time of existence. Best part is no side effects! Don’t forget to cleanse and clear your crystal friends by burying in the earth (I haven’t tried this one), sunlight, moonlight, salt bath (this method can dissolve various minerals like selenite) and sage cleansing.

Sage, Palo Santo, Incense, Aroma therapy, Candles: All of these methods uplift and clear my environment. Which can lead to clearer minds. If the smoke isn’t an option for you, you can find a variety clearing and smokeless sprays. Aromatherapy with essential oils is also a smokeless option, all you need is a diffuser. Candles are also a favorite for so many reasons. Ambiance is key to your environment and candles are great for meditation and for clearing (blowing the candles out the smoke is very cleansing. I like to do this after a cleaning session) equally having a pleasant and calming feeling. Please remember safety first and never leave anything burning unattended!!

Flower essence: This is the most transformative resource I have found, which has been a blessing to my growth. You need to feel it to heal it. Don’t recoil from the pain of healing. I have been using flower essences for many years. This has been the most progressive way for me to allow emotional realizations to be observed, processed and released for the next level of evolution. I have worked and transformed through a lot of buried truths and have been able to be both persistent and courageous. Just like gems and minerals, all native plants have varying properties that support mental and emotional expansion. Luckily, I have known an intuitive consultant for years, soon she will be teaching how to harvest and make flower essences with native plants. Working closely with the Southwestern native plants, she has developed communication with the plant spirits. She has guided me for years with all mental and emotional break throughs. If you’re interested in a consultation, please let me know. I would be happy to pass along her contact information. This is powerful medicine, are you ready for the next level of soul evolution?

Environment: I have helped several friends with all different levels of clearing of stagnant energy in their home or work environment. Once the space has been cleaned and purged, the next step is clearing the energy. I like to think I can shift energy as I cleanse spaces, similar to an energetic broom, sweeping away stagnant energies. Anybody can do this with positive and heartfelt intentions. Maintenance and upkeep such as fresh paint and various home repairs is key. Basics like changing light bulbs and light fixture updates can really uplift any space. Try not to let small or big projects linger for too long…this can also encourage stagnant energies in your environment. Once, I replaced a broken garbage disposal in the dark…that was something special to be proud of, am I right Honey Guns? Think of your environment as a sacred space or sanctuary where we feel our most relaxed and comfortable for recharging and nourishing ourselves. If we are constantly putting off tasks, what will you be inclined to do in other areas of your life? Could your environment use some refreshing and perhaps a bit of an energy/vibrational clearing? Do what feels right and listen to your intuition. Give me a holla if you need any help with clearing your environment! I am a Cancer and home is really where my heart is!!

Tarot and Divinity cards: This is one of my favorite ways to tap into my intuitive guidance and develop skills. We all have these gifts some of us are naturals, some of us need more practice building these skills. How does one get more intuitive? I recommend divinity or tarot cards. These are helpful for many reasons, the messages revealed can shed light on situations, that perhaps are not easy to see in the moment. First and foremost decks can be purchased just about anywhere, some say that decks should only be gifted not bought. You could be waiting a long time in that case…why wait though, choose a deck that speaks to you. Perhaps it’s the art, theme, or maybe it’s the traditional Rider deck cards (published in 1910) that attracts your eye. There are hundreds of decks to choose from. Which ever deck you choose, you will want to bless and clear the deck of energies. There are many ways to do this, I like to use Sage, Incense or Palo Santo, while saying something simple like: May this deck be cleansed and bring light where there is darkness. Allow all who touch this deck to let their inner guidance shine fourth for their highest good. May the use of this deck be used to develop my intuition so I can be of service to myself and others. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you want. Always shuffle and cut the deck while asking a question or insight, before hand. This will infuse your energy into the cards to give you more accuracy. If the information isn’t quite clear then perhaps a second round of clearing and shuffling is a good idea. There are many books and forums for all levels of tarot use. There are just as many tarot spreads as there are decks. A basic spread is the Past, Present and Future three card spread. I like to do this in the morning after meditating and then if I remember before bed, to see how the day started and ended and if the cards pick up on anything that transpired through out the day. Most of all enjoy the insights you receive and keep practicing your intuitive skills.

Dream boarding/vision boarding: This is a helpful exercise that can really assist with manifesting your goals and desires. It can be anything at all. It could be about travel, going back to school, maybe it’s all about not being sure of what you want? All you need is magazines, scissors, poster board/canvas and some type of glue. Cut all images out from the magazines that speak to you and what you want to manifest. The artistic approach is all up to you it can be as fancy or as simple as you want. You can choose to create a dream board anytime maybe during a New Moon phase or even the New Year for any goals that you want to achieve. I am currently working on a self care board, this is going to help me visually remember that I need to be more mindful of my overall health (physical, spiritual, and emotional) to continue to embrace this new shift within myself. With the help of my vision board I will have a visual reminder to reflect upon. Once again be careful what you want to manifest, a friend of mine received exactly what she asked for several times and now she is more aware and mindful of what she dream boards. It can inspire the good, the bad, and the next round of life lessons! It’s powerful to visually see everyday what you’re working towards. It can also be a fun and creative way of reading your daily positive affirmations. Make it fun and inspirational for yourself. Remember the universe is always listening!

Sharing these tools is my gift to you! Use what is helpful and leave the rest. Always remember trust your intuition and know you’re healing and self care is everything. Love is the lesson and the journey.

Gratitude & Growth

Mystical Moon

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