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Mystical Moon: Creating your Universal Wish List

How many wishes do you think you have made through out your life? Think about those birthday cakes with the ceremonious candles added for every year around the sun. How about falling stars, dandelions or even pennies in a fountain? Most likely,  you have made a lot of wishes. When making those wishes, were you thinking of what you wanted? With that thought in mind,  did you pour all of your feelings into your wish?


Just like wishes, intentions are just that…wishes with more feeling and intensity. I have experienced more results setting intentions during the new & full moon phases, this allows me to utilize the different energies for various manifestations. During the full moon, this is when my feelings are more accessible [intensified,] and I am open and able to receive information/guidance intuitively for the next phase of soul expansion. Moon phases hold different energies. These energies will allow different vibrations, which can affect moods, emotions, and even water within the body. The human body is more than 50% water, so it’s no wonder you feel the need to release those “feels” and tears around the full moon. So go with it!
Have you ever had an experience where you thought you could really benefit from getting a promotion or a new job, car, or house… what you’re asking for is abundance and prosperity. Eventually, you will notice the universe conspires to give you exactly what you want. The universe is always listening and will take your vibration as a cue to start delivering what you asked for. Maybe not right away, but you will see that the manifesting part gets easier with practice. The tricky part is what you want and what you ask for can look completely different when it materializes. I have always believed that being detailed with your intention combined with the purest vibration, I am able to manifest faster and with fine-tuned results.
A couple of years ago, I set my intentions for prosperity and abundance under a full moon. The very next day, I found an envelope of money with no name or any identifying recipient. It was not a small amount. It was $375, and I was blown away how quickly it manifested. Then, I was worried that it would somehow effect my karma if I decided to accept it. I calmed myself and thought: I set those intentions just last night, how is this possible? This is a true story from my own experience of how quickly manifesting can happen. Was this a coincidence it happened the next day less than 24 hours later?  This is what I’m referring to by being clear about what you ask. In reality, there are no guaruntees that your outcome will look exactly the same or in the exact time frame when setting your intentions.
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Here are some tips to help with manifesting your intentions:
1. Create and protect your sacred space
2. Meditate [breathing] to get centered
3. Fire is a cleansing energy. It’s my favorite method for burning intentions and manifestations. Always make an offering of gratitude to the fire beforehand with tobacco, herbs, flowers or cornmeal.
4. Make a list of what you want to release, and a list of things you want to manifest. You can also verbalize your intentions aloud–sometimes I do both.
5. Send blessings of gratitude to your guardians and ancestors.
6. Giving is just as important as receiving. I create balance by setting intentions and gratitude for mother nature, family/friends, souls, and creatures (in need of support or relief.)
7. Remain unattached to the outcome, this means letting go of when, where, how. If you become attached to an outcome, it closes you off to receiving the order you have place to the universe.
 Periodically cleansing your crystals is always a good idea. You can cleanse and charge your crystals (don’t forget jewelry made with gems necklaces, earrings, bracelets,rings) during all moon phases. I like to lay out crystals and allow the moon energies to gently cleanse them. As soon as the sun goes down, my crystals absorb positive energy,  and I retrieve them before sun up. This method is easier for cleansing than with salt water or sunlight which can dissolve or fade your crystals luster. Besides, every woman should have shiny things!
I hope this has been helpful to you. Most of all, have fun with your intentions!!! The universe is the limit and is always listening.
Thoughts+Feelings+Vibrations + Intentions=Manifesting
Happy Super Blue Blood Moon! May all your universal wishes come true!
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